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Right Brain Photography.

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts. Both hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum and serve the body in different ways .

The starting point for my photography is not f-stops, shutter speeds or exposure. These are purely left-brain, camera variables. When I look at a subject, I study it like a painter and decide what I want to create. My imagination takes over and I see what the object before me might look like. I see the object with my imagination. I call this right-brain photography:

Boken har 116 sider + cover. Størrelse: 19 x 27cm. 6 temaer. Den er til salgs for kr 250,- Send meg en mail til hvis du vil bestille. Her kan du se noen oppslag:

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